About Us

Welcome To Walton Furniture! The best place to buy Famous Replica Designer Furniture at the best price! 

We think high street and expensive designer brands give consumers a bad deal. That is why we, Walton Furniture Ltd. offer you replica furniture at
affordable prices. No physical stores. No middlemen. We cut out the fuss so you can get beautifully made furniture at a price that suits you. 

Under Irish copyright law, section 78B of Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, we can reproduce designs and sell replica furniture 25 years after its
initial creation. This is why we comply fully with Irish law, making it perfectly legal for you to buy beautiful furniture from Replica-Eames for you business or house.
To read more information on this law, you can check the Irish Statute Book and more specifically section 78b of the Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act
2000. Transitional provisions for the repeal of section 52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

We have all the Eames chairs range including all the Eames office chairs and the famous Eames lounge chair! We have the famous Barcelona
chair and Arco lamp too!

Enjoy your purchase! Great Design at affordable Prices for Everyone.